Are you a teacher, a care giver, a business owner or another service professional who is feeling over-burdened or  lost?  Are you a woman who has experienced violence? Do you feel stuck? Is helplessness, hopelessness or shame holding you hostage? Have you experienced something that won’t let you go? Is there something you need confidencial help with and just don’t know where to turn to? Perhaps you have found yourself in a place of stillness and are now ready to journey forward but need a guide.

If you can imagine yourself thriving and joyful, but just don’t know how to get there, you are not alone.

Find the light between those cracks and be golden once again.

You were born ready for this transformation.

The Art and Soul Kintsugi Coaching Program, developed by Sherri J. McCulloch B. Ed., M.A. can guide you to rediscover your strong and joyful self; the self you want to be to build and achieve your personal vision for a fulfilling and joy filled life. Go to the contact page and begin your transformational journey!