Trauma and Healing

There are guru’s out their that would be quick to tell you that your suffering is a choice. While this can sometimes be true, it is rarely helpful in getting us out of our suffering. Life involves suffering. Our suffering informs, changes us,  enriches us, connects us, once we are through it. And that’s the best news I can give you; you can get through it. Suffering has good, joyful endings if you stick it out, examine it, explore it with curiosity.

Our own private hell…yep, it feels like that. We didn’t go looking for it, but it found us. It can knock you right off your feet and into a pit of darkness where you can no longer see the light; where you lose your sense of self. It happens when you’re blindsided by a horrible something, sometimes a few horrible somethings. It happens when we are soul weary from being so bloody strong.

And at first, it is such a heaviness, that you just need to lay down and rest and cry and want to be left alone. For a long time, you crave the stillness.

And yes, if you are haunted, the laying down, the stillness phase can take much longer because there is little rest in sleep.

Eventually, you realize you need help. Asking for help, when you have no idea what you need can be perplexing. Your doctor, will give you drugs that may help by sometimes necessarily masking the symptoms. Your family might give you pep talks that sound something like “Suck it Up” or “Get Over it” and yes, that’s not helpful in the least. In fact it’s exactly the opposite. You feel even more alone.

When a soul is bruised and broken healing takes time, connection, guidance and effort. It takes creativity, flexibility and curiosity.

If you have begun your search for help…you’ve found it. We can help you pave your path back to joy just as Japanese artists used gold to repair a broken cup. You are golden, and you will see that again, on your own healing journey.

You will unfold.


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